Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains

Diamond Pro 89

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Discover the Benefits

Packed with protein and fortified with amino acids from energy-dense sources, Diamond Pro 89 Beef, Pork and Ancient Grains Formula for Adult Dogs gives performance dogs the nutrients they need to support hard work and endurance.  To help build and maintain muscles, 89% of protein is from animal sources. 

Enriched with unique K9 Strain Probiotics, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, glucosamine and chondriotin, this formula will fuel them for peak performance.

Black Gold

Intense Defense Litter

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Available in 14lb, 20lb and 40lb

Nature's Miracle Intense Defense Odor Control Clumping Litter combines breakthrough odor technology with the intense performance of bentonite to maximize litter pan odor protection.  Nature's Miracle's Advanced Bio-Enzymatic Odor Control System begins to destroy urine, feces and ammonia on contact to prevent odors from spreading.

It continues to work until odors are eliminated, providing the freshest litter box environment.  It also has a fast-clumping formula which traps odors and wetness on contact to help prevent sticking to the bottom of the pan and make clean-up easy.

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